Go Google with in-a-Cloud

for Businesses

Future proof your business by transitioning from traditional IT systems to Google Cloud changing your business for the better using our dedicated Google Business solution. Our dedicated Google business solution brings together the best of G Suite,Chromebooks, along with our accredited deployment and migration services, to create a fully flexible and secure cloud infrastructure. With our Google solution, your establishment gets G Suite for Business or G Suite Enterprise, a cloud-based productivity suite supported using Google Cloud most advanced cloud infrastructure.

By using G Suite you and your business will be able to connect, collaborate and access data securely from anywhere, anytime on any device. To make the transition to G Suite seamlessly our accredited deployment and migrations team will work with you every step of the way. We are also able to provide your organisation with a Google bespoke solution using Chrome devices for employee laptops and desktops to video conferencing, digital signageand single-use devices.  To ensure your return on investment is maximised we provide launch day training for your organisation, followed up by two dedicated smaller group impact coaching sessions for all your staff to ensure your organisation investment in Google is fully realised.

Connect your way

Reach your colleagues wherever they are

Gmail Icon


Gmail keeps you updated with real-time message notifications, and safely stores your important emails and data. IT admins can centrally manage accounts across your organization and devices.

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Spend less time planning and more time doing with shareable calendars that integrate seamlessly with Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites and Hangouts so you always know what’s next.

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Video meetings for your business. Connect with your team from anywhere. With easy-to-join video calls, you can meet face to face without the added cost of travel.

Google Plus icon


Engage with co-workers on a secure corporate social network Create an online community where your employees can safely share team updates, new ideas and common interests in real time.

Hangout Chat Icon

Hangouts Chat

Whether in a 1:1 chat or a dedicated group workspace, Hangouts Chat makes it easy to collaborate with your team in an organized way. Share and discuss Docs, Sheets, and Slides all in one place.

Google Voice icon

Google Voice

Make and receive phone calls using a work number on any device, anywhere. Number assignment, porting, and billing are neatly consolidated in the G Suite Admin console.

Access your data securely

Store files and find what you need instantly from any device any time

Drive icon

Google Drive

Store any and every file. Access files anytime, anywhere from your desktop and mobile devices. Control how files are shared.

Drive icon

File Stream

Use less of your Windows or MacOS computer disk space by streaming directly from Google Drive. Spend less time waiting for files to sync and more time being productive.

Cloud Search Icon

Cloud Search

Use the power of Google to search across your company’s content. Google Cloud Search answers your questions and delivers relevant suggestions to help you throughout the day.

Get Creative

Everything you need to bring your project to life.

Keep Icon


Keep organized. Capture inspiration and to-dos effortlessly. Collaborate on notes with teammates and set reminders to stay on track. Everything syncs across your devices, so what’s important is always in reach.

Docs Icon


Create and edit text documents right in your browser—no dedicated software required. Multiple people can work at the same time, and every change is saved automatically

Sheets Icon


Work directly with team members in the same spreadsheet at the same time. Perform calculations with formulas ranging from simple to sophisticated. All changes are automatically saved as you type.

Slides icon


Create and edit polished presentations in your browser—no software required. Multiple people can work at the same time so everyone always has the latest version.

Form icon


Create custom forms for surveys and questionnaires at no extra cost. Gather everything in a spreadsheet and analyse data right in Google Sheets.

Form icon


Add some color to your documents, presentations, and websites with easy to create charts, flowcharts and diagrams.

Sites icon


Sketch and collaborate on an interactive canvas with Jamboard – Google’s cloud-based smartboard on your computer, phone or tablet.

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App Maker

Build apps that help fill gaps, like accelerating business workflows or scaling internal operations, with G Suite’s low-code development environment.

Sites icon


Collaboratively create engaging, high-quality sites for your team, project or event. The sites look great on every screen, from desktop to smartphone. All without learning design or programming.

Control with confidence

Manage users, devices, and data securely and easily

Admin icon


Easily add users, manage devices and configure security and settings so your data stays safe. Administration shouldn’t need a manual.

Vault icon


Manage, retain, search, and export your organization’s email, Google Drive file content and on-the-record chats.

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