What is a reference site?

It is easy to hear from technology companies how the Cloud will provide a whole host of benefits, however most people do not know if the Cloud is the right choice for their business or school. With this in mind Levett Consultancy working with our loyal customers have implemented ‘Your Cloud’ reference sites, where you can visit and see for yourself how using the latest Cloud technologies can benefit your business or school.

Three reasons why you should visit one of our reference sites


See how Levett Consultancy ‘Your Cloud’ solutions have helped customers with their Digital Transformation journey, using the very latest Cloud technology from Google and Microsoft in a live environment.


Talk to senior leaders and end users about the positive impact using Cloud technology has had on their daily working practices, and the things you need to think about when transitioning to the Cloud.


Have the opportunity to try the latest Cloud Technology within a secure setting, ask questions to like minded individuals about how working with Levett Consultancy ‘Your Cloud’ solutions can help your organisation.

Our Reference Sites

Wood End Primary School

Wood End Primary school has become our first open educational reference site that welcomes those who are looking to see what digital transformation looks like in an education setting. By visiting Wood End Primary school educationalists, will see at first hand how cloud technology enables a school to go serverless and deliver educational outcomes in a true immersive flexible learning environment.

Paradigm Trust

Paradigm Trust is a Multi Academy Trust that spans across multiple regions. The Trust welcomes those who are looking to see what digital transformation looks like across multiple sites, to visit Ipswich Academy. Visitors will see first hand what a consistent IT environment looks like built on the foundations of using Microsoft 365 integrated into Google Workspace, creating positive outcomes for their schools and local communities.

Osmani Primary School

Osmani Primary School is the first London school to be fully managed by Google Cloud, and our third open educational reference site that welcomes those who are looking to see what a serverless setting looks like. Ths school uses Google Workspace, Google Voice, ChromeOS and Google managed Windows devices, where everyone can access their school resources using a single common identity on any devices.

Ongar Business Centre

Levett Consultancy offices in Ongar have been fully serverless for over 10 years, using the latest Google Workspace technology to create a fully hybrid work environment, where staff can work from anywhere undertaking daily activities, whilst using security managed Windows, Chrome OS, Android and iOS devices, creating a truly flexible working environment built for the 21st century.

Your Nearest Reference Site

Find a reference site in your area and beyond that are using our Your Cloud solutions in innovative and impactful ways.

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