Cloud Digital Signage

for Schools & Businesses

Did you know Streamlining and speeding up communications are among the many benefits digital signage offers to businesses and the Education sector?

Digital Signage Solution is built on the Signagelive platform to create an immersive cloud-based digital signage solution using Chrome devices to provide a cost-effective flexible signage solution, that can be managed anytime, anywhere. Our accredited deployment services team will work with you every step of the way from designing your desired layouts to deploying your digital signage solution. To ensure you are confident in managing your digital signage solution, we will also provide end-user impact training to make sure your investment in digital signage is maximised.

How Signagelive Works

Signagelive is a cloud-based digital signage subscription service used daily on thousands of devices worldwide. Licence pricing is based on a renewable annual subscription per connected device/player which includes free software updates and access to theĀ marketplace for adding content, applications and backgrounds to your digital signage.

A Google Chrome device

Compatible with any Chrome device

Chrome management to deploy Kiosk app to Chrome devices

Signagelive Chrome Kiosk App

Signagelive Demo

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