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Elevate Your IT with Google Workspace & Chrome: Embrace the Cloud, Empower Your People

Modernise your IT infrastructure with Google Workspace and Chrome devices, powered by Google Cloud. As a Google Partner since 2010, we have extensive experience guiding organisations through successful cloud transitions. We'll work with you to design a custom solution that leverages the right Google Workspace edition, ChromeOS devices (or Windows, if needed), and cloud-based services to create a secure, energy efficient, and hybrid or serverless environment.

Introducing Google Workspace

Working with Us

We get you up and running with Google Workspace in 3 simple steps
  • Planning

    Our deployment team will work with you to understand your requirements and create a phased deployment plan for implementing Google Workspace that includes training, user adoption, and support that is imperative to guide your organisation to successfully using Google Workspace..

  • Deployment

    Undertake a deployment based on your stakeholder requirements, where we will configure Google Workspace, migrate any data from other systems and then undertake training and testing with your core IT staff and early adopters. Ensuring everything has been fully tested and ready for your organisation Go Live date.

  • Go Live

    We will help you communicate and run your Global Go live Google event and undertake Google Workspace and Chrome training for all your end-users. Then to ensure positive outcomes using Google Workspace and Chrome we will run a follow-up training for your users, maximising your investment in Google Cloud.

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