Video Conferencing

for Schools & Businesses

Did you know Video Conferencing is now no longer an expensive resource for Education or Businesses? Not only can you save time and travel to meetings, but also engage with other professionals all around the world.

Google Hangouts Meet Hardware provides Education and Business organisations with an easy-to-join video meeting experience of Hangouts Meet to the conference room. Its curated set of components work together end-to-end to make engaging HD meetings or training/lessons affordable and headache free for all organisations big or small. Our accredited deployment services team will work with you deploying Hangout Meets hardware and then provide end-user impact training to ensure your investment in Hangouts Meet is fully realised.

Hangouts Meet


Meet takes the headaches out of joining a video call at work. Just set up a meeting and share a link. No worrying about whether colleagues or clients have the right accounts or plug-ins. With a fast, lightweight interface and smart participant management, 30-person video calls are a breeze.

The Hardware

The Touchscreen

The Touchscreen

With a simple UI, easily join, pin, record, or mute with one tap. Featuring built in HDMI capabilities, you can even present from your own device, instantly.


The Speakermic

Designed by Google to bring world class audio processing to the conference room for clean, crisp, echo free meetings. Chain multiple speakermics together with a single cable to cover any sized room.

The Camera

The Camera

One 4K camera built to flawlessly cover more meetings rooms. With a 120 degree FOV, always capture everyone around the table, even in the smallest huddle spaces.

The Chromebox

The Chromebox

Built with a focus on reliability, the conference room is up and ready for any meeting. Plus, it’s always improving with automatic updates.

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