Cloud Security Checks Now Available

Paul LevettNews

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Levett Consultancy has now added Cloud Security Check services to our consultancy services portfolio. With more organisations now using Google and Microsoft cloud platforms, we have introduced our new Cloud Security Check service to ensure organisations have their chosen platform configured correctly in line with industry best practices. Both Google and Microsoft continually update their platforms with new features and security fixes, so it is important that organisations are very aware of the updates and what these can do to their current configuration and how this effect their end users.  Our Cloud Security Check service will not only audit your organisation chosen platform but we will also make you aware of any new updates made and how this impacts your end users.

As part of our Cloud Security Check service, we are also introducing as an additional option Cyber Security audits. Our Cyber Security option will provide your organisation with a Vulnerability Assessment report using CBEST and CSTAR testing, identifying risks and what needs to be addressed within your organisation.

Overall our new Cloud Security Check service is designed to complement our Cloud Support services ensuring you have everything covered within your organisation chosen cloud platform. Details on our new consultancy services can be found here or feel free to contact us by calling 01279 799256.