West London – Google Learning Festival

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West London Google Learning Festival at Woodend Primary School.

Building on the momentum of their successful East Anglia Google Learning Festival in March, Levett Consultancy and Tablet Academy brought the learning experience to West London on October 4th. Held at Woodend Primary School, a Levett Consultancy reference site, the West London Google Learning Festival showcased the transformative power of Google technology in education.

Expert trainers led dynamic sessions, unveiling how Google Workspace and Chromebooks transcend mere search, writing, and presentation tools. Instead, they ignite imaginative student projects and foster deep engagement. Attendees witnessed the magic firsthand through live teaching sessions featuring the latest Google tools, while senior leadership gained valuable insights into integrating these technologies into their schools.

Beyond interactive demonstrations, the festival facilitated insightful discussions and networking opportunities. Teachers and leaders exchanged ideas, shared best practices, and explored practical strategies for implementing Google solutions in their classrooms. The atmosphere buzzed with enthusiasm and inspiration, leaving participants equipped to transform their own learning environments.

Interested in hosting a Google Learning Festival in your region or learning more about how Levett Consultancy can empower your school with Google technology? Reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable Customer Relationship Team today! They’re passionate about driving impactful learning experiences through innovative technology and ready to assist you every step of the way.